The future of otolaryngology is in your hands

As practice managers, administrators, coders and more, you are constantly challenged to promote the best in otolaryngology medicine across your region and across the country while simultaneously running a successful business. The Association of Otolaryngology Administrators is your partner to help make that happen. 

The AOA is the only association dedicated to otolaryngology practice management. Our specialty-specific education, resources and networking opportunities will help take your practice to the next level and remain competitive in an uncertain time of healthcare.


Gallup reports that approximately 37% of today’s workforce works remotely. And, if “engaged” by their management, they feel just as if not more valued than a traditional office worker. What should you do for your remote workers?

  • Make sure everyone knows they are a part of the team.
  • Establish a time and method for regular check-ins.
    Focus on what your remote workers are achieving, not when they are working (unless you have mandated required working hours).
  • Get to know your remote employees so you can interact personally with them.
  • Schedule regular face-to-face meetings. You can use Skype but you need in-person meetings periodically as well.
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